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Allaire Village Inc. offers guided tours of The Historic Village at Allaire as part of its ongoing educational programming. The one hour and 30 minute tour, while geared toward fourth grade education, compliments the State of New Jersey Curriculum of Social Studies Education standard 6.3 and falls within the scope of the curriculum set for Kindergarten through the 8th grade. Attendees will be introduced to various facets of life at the Howell Works Company, a 19th Century industrial community, including commercial, domestic and social aspects as well.
Costumed interpreters will educate tour patrons on the impact of the Industrial Revolution in New Jersey and New Jersey's transition from an agrarian society to an industrial one. Interpreters will also identify the discoveries and inventions of the early 19th Century, specifically those related to the life and times of James P. Allaire such as, the production of iron, iron products and steam transportation.
Tours can also be adjusted to accommodate Senior groups, Camp groups, High School students, and more. Please call for more information on these programs
The Historic Village at Allaire is a legacy to historic preservation. Through interactive programming, students and adults will gain a more enlightened understanding of family and community life in early 19th century New Jersey, including the origins and hardships of the immigrant populations that inhabited the area in search of employment and prosperity.

For more information on booking a Group Tour, please contact our Group Tour Coordinator, at the Allaire Village, Inc. office.

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