About Us
Allaire Village, Inc. is a non-profit educational and historic preservation organization working in a unique partnership with the State of New Jersey. It is the goal of Allaire Village, Inc. to promote historic preservation while educating the general public on life at the Howell Works Company, an early 19th Century iron producing community, and on the life of James Peter Allaire, a prominent 19th Century marine engine manufacturer.

The mission of Allaire Village, Inc. is to assist and advise the State of New Jersey in certain phases of the development, restoration, preservation, interpretation, and operation of the Historic Howell Works within Allaire State Park. To accomplish this mission, the Corporation shall be known as the Historic Village at Allaire. Shall promote the historical, aesthetic, and cultural significance of the Historic Howell Works by means of news media, exhibits, displays, demonstrations, cultural programs, tours, seminars, conferences, interpretive programs, publications, and any other acceptable and approved means. Shall review the plans of the State as related to Historic Howell Works in Allaire State Park. Shall develop, produce, and distribute educational material and conduct school and public educational tours and programs. Shall maintain a historical library directly pertaining to the Historic Howell Works. Shall encourage and participate in the acquisition, restoration, preservation, research and display of appropriate and/or related artifacts and memorabilia. Shall acknowledge and catalogue all items acquired by gift and keep a permanent up-to-date record of same. Shall purchase appropriate items for use in the Historic Howell Works. Shall raise funds to carry out the objective by any acceptable and approved means and shall encourage contributions from private individuals, groups, and organizations.

Board of Trustees- Public Members

Board of Trustees- State Members

Hance Morton Sitkus, CPA, Chairman

Inga Gabliks, Park Superintendent

Charles A. Brisbane

Tom Laverty, Secretary

Pat Lundervold, Vice Chairman

Joseph Winnicki, Regional Supt. Central Region

William Gerhauser, Jr.

Sara Andre

Ray O’Grady, Treasurer

State Park Police Representative

Timothy Annin, Esq.


Allaire Auxiliary Representative




Grants and Sponsorships

New Jersey

The Historic Village at Allaire received an Operating Support Grant from the New Jersey Historical Commission, a division of the Department of State of NJ.


The Historic Village at Allaire received a grant for their Interpreters' Program from The Provident Bank Foundation located in Morristown, NJ.


The Historic Village at Allaire received a "History Buff"Sponsorships from the following organiaztions:

                                                             OceanFirst Foundation - Toms River, NJ 


Best Historic Site: The Historic Village at Allaire has been named the 2011 & 2012 Best Historical Site in New Jersey by the readers of New Jersey Monthly Magazine. Thank-you to all who have visited & voted!

Top Trip Pick: New Jersey 101.5 names Allaire Village & Allaire State Park a top day trip pick.

Best Flea Market: The Asbury Park Press’ Readers Choice Award for Best Flea Market went to Allaire Village in 2011.


  • To arrange your visit please contact our Media Coordinator at 732-919-3500 or send an email to info@allairevillage.org.
  • To get the full experience, plan to spend at least a half day in the Village.
  • Upon your arrival, stop at the Visitor’s Center for key information, maps, and event guides for the day.
  • Allaire Village is a large, outdoor & indoor living history museum. No outside motorized vehicles are allowed inside the Village.
  • Visit the Historic Buildings and talk with our Historic Interpreters to learn more about life in 1836. Most days, activities such as games, chores, & demonstrations are ongoing throughout the day.
  • For interviews or more information from our staff please call our office at 732-919-3500 Monday-Friday, 9:00am-5:00pm.
  • Please take note that there is no indoor photography allowed in any of the Historic Buildings with the exception of the Chapel. To receive a Special Use Permit for indoor photography please call the State Park Office at 732-938-2371

Allaire Village  ◆  4263 Atlantic Avenue, Farmingdale NJ 07727  ◆ (732) 919-3500